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Erasmus and Guest Students

A warm welcome to new students joining us! 

Welcome and Info Day for International Students at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Applications must go to the local ERASMUS coordinator at your home university, who will make the selection and nominate the students for participating in the exchange program. Students having been selected should fill in the "ERASMUS Application Form" of our university.

About Semesters and Courses

At FU Berlin, the academic year is divided into two parts called semesters. The lecture period of the winter semester starts mid-October and extends to mid-February. The lecture time of the summer semester starts mid-April and ends around July 20. A number of courses are offered as blocks between each semester's lecture periods. This includes the intensive language courses. An exchange student usually will stay for one semester.

Available Courses

Exchange students are invited to attend all lectures and seminars which fit into their curriculum. Details and course descriptions can be found in the course catalog. The final list of classes for the winter semester usually is available in June, and the classes for the summer semester in January. As soon as the list is available, students should register on-line for the classes they want to take. For "Matrikelnummer", just enter "Erasmus-Student". If later you change your mind, please cancel your registration.

Some courses are given annually, but there are also additional courses which are given only occasionally or only once. The department's course catalog offers detailed information on the class offerings for each semester: Module management system (MVS) lists all modules that are offered on a regular basis. The Information on the credit points for each course can also be found on the KVV portal under Site Browser. The last number in ECTS column represents the credit points for the corresponding study regulation.

Language Requirements

Usually, lectures are given in German, English is the exception. The course language is specified in the course catalog in the course descriptions under the term "Unterrichtssprache/Course language".

Further Information