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The most important rules of conduct at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Image Credit: Pixabay

Dear students,

for you there will be some classroom sessions at the university. This should make it easier for you to start studying, but unfortunately it is also associated with an increased risk of infection.

This doesn't sound very inviting, but please follow these rules so that we all stay healthy.

Thank you!

  •  If you want to attend a classroom teaching session, you must always register in advance. These can be single appointments or regular appointments.
  • Please appear ONLY on the registered dates in the room indicated. If you want another date, you have to arrange this with the instructors or tutors beforehand.
  • If you move in the buildings: keep a distance of 1,5 m to others, keep your mask on, always go directly to your destination and don't stay in the buildings longer than necessary.
  • In all buildings you have to wear a mask, even at your place in the classroom.
  • The tables in the seminar rooms must not be moved.
  • Please support regular airing (about every 20 minutes) if you are sitting close to the window.
  • If you feel sick, please stay at home! But let us know and try to participate in an alternative event (e.g. online tutorial/exercises).