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At the 4th PhD Workshop in July 2017, the PhD students initiated a “CRC 1114 Dictionary” and started working on definitions of some most prominent concepts and notions used in the specific languages of the various disciplines in the CRC. Particular efforts were made to identify and alleviate misunderstandings emerging from the lack of a common language: The same terms sometimes have different meanings in different disciplines while different terms may be used to denote the same facts. The CRC Dictionary was subsequently launched as a “SCCS Wiki” and presented to all CRC members at the SCCS Days in November 2017. CRC members committed to regularly contributing to the Dictionary, e.g., by adding major concepts and notions from their Colloquium talks. With the constant expansion of the CRC Dictionary, the CRC further intensifies its efforts towards overcoming scientific language barriers and enhancing interdisciplinary communication.

The SCCS Wiki is located at the FU Wiki portal https://wikis.fu-berlin.de/display/sccswiki and is accessible to the CRC members only.

CRC members at FU Berlin can log in with their Zedat account. CRC members from other institutions have received their log-in data from the FU CeDis in February 2019.
If you cannot access the SCCS Wiki, please send an e-mail to gs-sfb1114@math.fu-berlin.de.

There is a short how-to article which will guide you through the basic steps of creating and editing entries. A link to it is located at the main page. All CRC members are invited to add, edit, or comment on Wiki entries.