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Ilia Horenko

Prof. Dr. Illia Horenko

Home University:
L’Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)
Institute of Computational Science
Faculty of Informatics

Via Giuseppe Buffi 13
6900 Lugano

+41 58 666 4123


A central scientific issue in the work programme of CRC1114 recurring in several of the individual projects is the unbiased characterization of observation, measurement, and simulation data in multiscale systems. The size of the data emerging in the CRC’s application domains, e.g., in molecular dynamics and the geosciences, together with the multiscale character of the underlying systems necessitate not only the deployment of High-Performance-ready data analysis tools, but also call for overcoming the usual parametric assumptions of common statistical tools, such as stationarity, Gaussianity or linearity.

The Mercator Fellow will offer his expertise and experience with multiscale data analysis problems in the natural sciences accumulated by him and his group at USI Lugano; he will contribute with a direct possibility to use Europe’s most powerful supercomputer “Piz Daint” (place 3 in the TOP 500) at CSCS Lugano for data analysis problems in CRC1114; and he will provide access to and user advice for the high-performance multiscale data analysis methods developed in recent years under his guidance. The latter include a Finite Element Framework for nonparametric denoising and nonstationary model inference, that are scalable to be used even on emerging supercomputing architectures involving Graphical Processing Units. The role of the Mercator Fellow in the CRC is thus twofold: He will (i) support the individual projects in addressing questions related to the analysis of multiscale data, and (ii) develop new multiscale data analysis tools and software applications, motivated by the problems and questions emerging in CRC.

Project publications (Mercator Fellow)

27.4.2021. Number of items: 12.


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