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Publications listed as CRC 1114 publication MUST necessarily acknowledge CRC 1114 and DFG. (for detailed information see CRC-Guidelines 1.1)

Especially emphazise the research that was done jointly by two or more CRC 1114 projects together.
Highlight publications done by more than one project by stating "... together with project(s)..." at the end of the publication.

SFB 1114 - overall list of publications

Publications sorted by research area

A02 - Multiscale data and asymptotic model assimilation for atmospheric flows

A04 - Efficient calculation of slow and stationary scales in molecular dynamics

A05 - Probing scales in equilibrated systems by optimal nonequilibrium forcing

A08 - Characterization and Prediction of quasi-stationary atmospheric states

B01 - Fault networks and scaling properties of deformation accumulation

B03 - Multilevel coarse graining of multiscale problems

B05 - Origin of scaling cascades in protein dynamics

B08 - Multiscale Boltzmann Generators

B09 - Materials with Discontinuities on Many Scales

C01 - Adaptive coupling of scales in molecular dynamics and beyond to fluid dynamics

C02 - Interface dynamics: Bridging stochastic and hydrodynamic descriptions

C03 - Multiscale modelling and simulation for spatiotemporal master equations

C06 - Multiscale structure of atmospheric vortices

C09 - Dynamics of rock dehydration on multiple scales

C10 - Numerical analysis for nonlinear SPDE models of particle systems

Publications through the Mercator-Fellowships and Young Investigator Program (YIP)


Young Investigator Program