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Winter Term 2014/2015

Oct 23, 2014 - Feb 12, 2015

Hosts: Prof. Dr. R. Klein (FU), Prof. Dr. R. Kornhuber (FU), Prof. Dr. C. Schütte (FU/ZIB)
Location: Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Mathematik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem, Room: 032 ground floor
Time: The seminar takes place on Thursday at 5:15 pm

Thursday, 23.10.2014

Ralf Kornhuber, FU Berlin
A variational approach to particles in bilipid layers

Thursday, 06.11.2014

Sebastian Reich, Uni Potsdam
Data assimilation in the presence of scaling cascades

Thursday, 20.11.2014

Carsten Hartmann, FU Berlin
Driving into nonequilibrium: Fluctuation relations for multiscale diffusions

Thursday, 04.12.2014

Frank Noé and Feliks Nüske, FU Berlin
Variational Tensor approximation for conformation dynamics

Thursday, 18.12.2014

Henning Rust, FU Berlin
Coupling a multiscale stochastic precipitation model to large scale atmospheric flow dynamics

Thursday, 08.01.2015

Matthias Rosenau, GFZ Potsdam
Shocks in a box: An overview of experimental seismotectonics at GFZ's analog lab

Thursday, 22.01.2015

Beth Wingate, University of Exeter, UK 
An Asymptotic Parallel-in-Time Method for Highly Oscillatory PDEs

Thursday, 05.02.2015

Illia Horenko, USI Lugano and FU Berlin
Challenges of data analysis in a multiscale context

Thursday, 12.02.2015

Friederike Schmid, Universität Mainz 
New perspectives for molecular field simulations of complex fluids