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Training and Support

In order to support the groups generally underrepresented in the sphere of scientific research in Germany, the CRC 1114 offers the following support measures:

Training and Activities for Young Female Researchers

To support its female researchers at the doctoral and postdoctoral stages of their career, the CRC 1114 offers the possibility to fund and/or organize a wide range of measures, such as courses and workshops, individual and group coaching, mentoring and networking programs as well as participation in the ProFiL Program.

In May 2016, the first in-house soft skills training for our young female researchers took place at ZIB. The practical training on public speaking was conducted by the theatre pedagogue and voice trainer Dorothee Kolschewski.

In December 2016, our young researchers received individual coaching sessions on career development from the experienced trainer and coach Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi, who had already worked with the CRC at the last Equality and Diversity Workshop on academic visibility and self-presentation.

In November 2017, a workshop on career options outside of academia was organised in cooperation with the Berlin Mathematical School BMS. The trainer Monika Puls-Rademacher, an experienced expert on personnel recruitment and development, provided the participants with useful information on job requirements, selection procedures, career paths as well as job conditions and work atmosphere in business companies.

Co-funding of German Language Courses for International PhD Students

The CRC co-funds fees for German language courses at university language centers for international PhD students who wish to learn German.

FUBright Program

The CRC encourages international PhD students to take part in the FUBright Program that is coordinated by the Dahlem Research School. The program offers supportive measures to help PhD students cope successfully with the additional challenges they may face as international doctoral candidates.