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MSMO3: Hybrid models for multiscale problems

Mar 01, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 04:30 PM

Chairs: Luigi Delle Site, Carsten Gräser, Rupert Klein

Multiscale problems often exhibit localized small scale structures that have a significant influence on intermediate and large scale behavior. One approach to deal with such phenomena is to incorporate local structures as discrete objects into a large scale model leading to coupled hybrid discrete-continuum models. This idea was developed independently in various application areas, e.g. for biomembranes with embedded particles or large vortices with embedded cloud towers. The minisymposium aims at bringing different disciplines together to discover possible links in the underlying mathematical structure of hybrid models.

Find abstracts linked individually below.


Mohsen Sadeghi (FU Berlin)

Thermodynamics and kinetics of aggregation of flexible membrane-bound proteins

12:30 Open Discussion


Lunch Break


Tristan Bereau (U Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Backmapping as an efficient sampling strategy for free-energy calculations


Philip Herbert (U Warwick, UK)

Surface PDE models for membrane mediated point particle interactions on near-spherical biomembranes


Sabine Hittmeir (U Vienna, Austria)

Multiscale Asymptotics for Warm Clouds


Open Discussion