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MSMO1: Random Multiscale Problems

Mar 01, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 04:30 PM

Chairs: Ana Djurdjevac, Martin Heida, Ralf Kornhuber

While partial differential equations with random highly oscillating coefficients, as typically occurring in material science and hydrology,  already have quite a history in applied and numerical analysis,  the mathematical understanding of deterministic or stochastic  differential equations on random surfaces and randomly evolving surfaces, e.g.,  describing surfactants on biological membranes, is still in its infancy.

Elliptic problems on domains with fractal, possibly random, interfaces arise in mechanical fracturing or friction processes from the geo sciences or  in the mathematical description of foam-like elastic media like the human lung, and also have been systematically considered only recently. This minisymposium is intended to stimulate synergies between the current analytic and numerical approaches and to pave the way to future new developments.

Find abstracts for all talks here or linked individually below.


Daniel Peterseim (Universität Augsburg)

A priori error analysis of a numerical stochastic homogenization method 


Martin Heida (WIAS Berlin)

Stochastic Homogenization for High Dimensional Finite Volume Methods


Annika Lang (Chalmers University of Technology)

A finite element approximation of Gaussian random fields on the sphere

12:30 Open Discussion


Lunch Break


Markus Bachmayr (Universität Mainz)

Multiscale representations of Gaussian random fields on the sphere


Antoine Gloria (Sorbonne Université)

Quantitative results in stochastic homogenization of monotone elliptic systems


Angkana Rüland (Hausdorff Center Bonn)

On a probabilistic model for martensitic avalanches incorporating mechanical compatibility


Open Discussion