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Keynote: Ylona van Dinther

Mar 03, 2021 | 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Multi-scale modeling of earthquakes and tsunami’s: methods and applications

Ylona van Dinther is an Assistant Professor in Tectonics at the Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She pioneered the bridging of time scales from tectonic time scales (millions of years) down to earthquake time scales (milliseconds to years) in numerical models. Her research interests span the fields of tectonics, seismology, tectonophysics, earthquake physics, fault and rock mechanics, mantle dynamics and structural geology. With her research group, she aims at better understanding the tectonic and rheological controls governing the spatiotemporal occurrence of fault slip, ranging from earthquakes to slow slip and continuous creep. Together with her team she developed cross-scale numerical models, so called seismo-thermo-mechanical models, and combines these and other earthquake or tectonics numerical or analytical models with geological and geophysical observations.

Find the abstract here.