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The MINToring program of Freie Universität is aimed at female high school students and offers a number of opportunities get to know physics, computer science and geosciences in order to promote the interest of female students in these subjects. CRC1114 aims to support these endeavours whenever possible.

Ana Djurdjevac, project leader in C10 and professor for Numerical Analysis and Stochastics, regularly participates in MINToring events, including Girls' Day. 

Below are a few impressions of the workshop "Knobeln wie Mathematikerinnen" offered by Prof. Djurdjevac, which took place on 08. and 09.07.2024. In it, students visiting FU through the MINToring internship program, got to experiment with math riddles, playfully discovering ways of approaching mathematics.

Many thanks to PhD students Julian Kern, André Zepernick and Leander Schnee for their help!