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PhD: Molecular fluid flow in random porous media

The Computational Statistical and Biological Physics group invites talented candidates committed to theoretical and simulation-based research to apply for a fully funded position as

PhD student (f/m).

The contract starts as soon as possible and is limited to 3 years. The salary corresponds to a full PhD position and is 75% of the German payscale E13 TV-L FU.

Job description:

Fluid transport through porous media receives sustained research interest, in view of the availability of tailored nano-porous sieves, increasingly also on the molecular scale. For disordered host structures exhibiting a percolation transition, the pore space becomes self-similar and maze-like, which leads to a complex interplay with the fluid flow and the molecular discreteness. Similarly as for gas particles in random hosts, one expects critical slowing down and a number of transport anomalies to arise.

At the interface of high-performance computing and statistical physics, you will develop and carry out large-scale numerical experiments using state-of-the-art computing facilities. To accomplish this, you will be trained in and employ non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, advanced time series analyses, and concepts from statistical physics.


M.Sc. in Physics, Theoretical Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, or related fields

Desired qualifications:

You have a solid background in theoretical physics or applied mathematics, with proven expertise in at least one of the following subjects: non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, stochastic processes, fluid state theory, or molecular dynamics. Ideally, your master's thesis connects to a problem in transport theory, random media, critical phenomena, or anomalous diffusion. Further, you have very good skills in scientific software development (modern C++, Git) and with compute clusters (scripting, Linux shell). Please note that a background in traditional computational fluid mechanics does not meet the project

The complete text of this job offer has been published in FU Stellenanzeiger. Please submit your application electronically as a single PDF document (including CV, certificate copies and transcript, statement of research interests, code sample(s)) quoting the reference code MI-CSBP-23/1 to Prof. Dr. Felix Höfling. Applications will be reviewed on a  rolling basis until the position is filled.