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Computer Science + Minors

Language requirements

Usually, lectures are given in German, English is the exception. The course language is specified in the course catalog in the course descriptions under the term "Unterrichtssprache/Course language".


Basically, every academic field of study can be chosen as a minor. The access to courses in some subjects is highly limited, therefore, the choice of a subject listed in the catalog of recommended minors (see study and examination regulations) is advised. 

  • Bioinformatics
  • Chemistry (limited capacity)
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Meteorology
  • Philosophy (limited capacity, see below)
  • Physics

With the choice of a minor in Geography, Geology and Meteorology please contact the Department of Earth Sciences for further information about available modules.

Minors with currently limited capacities:

  • School of Business and Economics:
    Business Administration, Econometrics, Statistics, Economics (please find offered modules and further information here: study and examination regulations)
  • Department of Education and Psychology:
    Education, Psychology (currently not available)
  • Department of Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy:
    Biology (5 spots); application up to and including 21.09.2017 (see list of modules)

    Please note: the application for Law differs from the application process described below!

    Application during regular Campus-Management application period at:

  • Department of Philosophy and Humanities (see agreement):
    Philosophy (5 spots)
    Latin (various offers, in total 15 spots)
    Greek (various offers, in total 20 spots)
    other languages: Dutch, French, Portuguese-Brasilian, Galician, Catalan (5 spots each)

Applications for limited capacity minors will be accepted by the examination office 3 months in advance. Please write an e-mail containing your name, student number, your major and the favored minor to the examination office. Spots will be assigned by casting lots. 

Before choosing a minor not listed here, consult the study counselling service!