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Examination board Computer Science: responsabilities

The Computer Science examinations board is mainly concerned with the approval of individual study programme achievements and questions of admission to examinations. Please address one of the members of the examinations board.

The examinations board collects all relevant information from current practice. Thus, individual questions may be answered quite practically.

Typical situations in which to contact the examinations board:

You wish to study for a bachelor degree in our department and already have study programme achievements from other universities you would like to have approved here:

Before immatriculating or when changing from a informatics study programme of another university, you may want to have a certificate allowing to start/continue studying here with a higher semester count. This certificate will be handled by the chair person (or deputy) of the examinations board. Having received such a certificate, you may immatriculate at a higher semester. Thus, entrance limitations to the first semester will not apply to you.

After having immatriculated, you may receive approvements of your previous individual study achievements in relation to achievements required in our study programme (individual courses, complete or partial examination achievements). Responsable persons are:

  • Prof. Esponda for approval of achievements from courses within bachelor study program and school teacher bachelor study program.
  • Prof. Müller-Birn for the approval of any achievements concerning course of the master study program.