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Advice for students working with Matthias Wählisch

You want to work with me? I'm really looking forward to this! Below you find some basic publication pointers in the field of computer networking, special remarks regarding my communication policy, and a special advice for PhD students.

If you are intersted in experimental networking reseach, I recommend to read "The Dagstuhl Beginners Guide to Reproducibility for Experimental Networking Research", published in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Workshops, Conferences, Journals etc.

Doing literature research in the field of computer networking is not an easy task due to the plethora of publication venues. There are several approaches to open up related work (general-purpose vs. context-dependent search engines etc.). You should consider all of them to gather a complete view. Below you find a list of publication venues that are usually considered as relevant in the field I'm working on -- again don't limit yourself to those.

Computer Networking

Internet Measurement

  • PAM (Passive and Active Measurements Conference)
  • TMA (Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis )

Network Security


Communication Policy


Usually, I'm replying fast to emails. If I don't reply in time (whatever this means in detail), don't hesitate to send me a reminder. Unfortunately, my TODO-stack is much larger compared to previous years, when I was always replying in time. On the other hand, it would be very helpful if you reply quickly (less than two days, which is rather moderate).


Please, feel free to ask questions. I will not be annoyed about so-called stupid questions, but I will get nervous when you ask questions that show lack of involvement.


Please, be prepared. Let me know in decent detail what you did between our last and current meeting. I highly encourage you to take notes during our meetings. Based on my own experiences, I don't remember all the relevant details without notes.

Special advice for PhD students

You will follow a very cumbersome journey to advance your career. I will truly support this journey! However, this does not mean that you can completely offload your duties to me.

I am a very enthusiastic and committed person. Sometimes this gives the impression that tasks I am pushing for relate to me. This is wrong. Implications of your career choice relate to you.

I am happy to give you inspirations. But at the end, you need to outgrow. I work hard in my life. Feel free to follow. But, please, do not try to impress me with underperformance. At the end, it does not matter how long you worked on something -- or more importantly, it does not matter how much you emphasize your hard work. At the end, only a clear picture about problems and solutions matters.