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New technical report about 6LoWPAN packet fragmentation

We analyze pros and cons of minimal fragment forwarding and hop-wise reassembly.

News from May 21, 2019

Abstract: This paper evaluates two forwarding strategies for fragmented datagrams in the IoT: hop-wise reassembly and a minimal approach to directly forward fragments. Minimal fragment forwarding is challenged by the lack of forwarding information at subsequent fragments in 6LoWPAN and thus requires additional data at nodes. We compared the two approaches in extensive experiments evaluating reliability, end-to-end latency, and memory consumption. In contrast to previous work and due to our alternate setup, we obtained different results and conclusions. Our findings indicate that direct fragment forwarding should be deployed only with care, since higher packet transmission rates on the link-layer can significantly reduce its reliability, which in turn can even further reduce end-to-end latency because of highly increased link-layer retransmissions.

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