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Report about LoWPAN and ICN online

We published a report about a convergence layer for Named-Data Networking and Low Power IoT Networks.

News from Dec 17, 2018

Information Centric Networking is considered a promising communication technology for the constrained IoT, but NDN was designed only for standard network infrastructure.
In this paper, we design and evaluate an NDN convergence layer for low power lossy links that (1) augments the NDN stateful forwarding with a highly efficient name eliding, (2) devises stateless compression schemes for standard NDN use cases, (3) adapts NDN packets to the small MTU size of IEEE 802.15.4, and (4) generates compatibility with 6LoWPAN so that IPv6 and NDN can coexist on the same LoWPAN links. Our findings indicate that stateful compression can reduce the size of NDN data packets by more than 70% in realistic examples. Our experiments show that for common use cases ICNLoWPAN saves 33% of transmission resources over NDN, and about 20% over 6LoWPAN.

More details:

  • Cenk Gündogan, Peter Kietzmann, Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch,
    ICNLoWPAN – Named-Data Networking in Low Power IoT Networks,
    Technical Report, No. arXiv:1812.07025, December 2018.