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New open source tool launched: scapy-unroot

Martine published a new open source tool, scapy-unroot. It allows you to run the well-known Scapy software without root permissions. scapy-unroot is available as Python package and licensed under GPLv3.

News from May 06, 2020

Scapy is a well-known packet manipulation tool. There are several use cases in which you need to run Scapy without root access (e.g., distributed testing of network applications). Originally, running Scapy without root permissions was not possible or introduced some limitations. Scapy-unroot changes this by introducing a thin transparent, local proxy between Scapy and your application. To ensure security, this proxy allows for blacklisting of network interfaces to exclude communication channels from sending and sniffing Scapy packets.

Scapy-unroot is hosted on GitHub. Further information is available here:

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