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IETF Working group adoption of our DoC Draft

Our Internet-Draft DNS over CoAP (DoC) successfully passed the Working Group Adoption Call by the CoRE working group. It is now an official IETF CoRE document.

News from Sep 06, 2022

The Constrained Restful Environments (CoRE) Working Group defines a framework for a limited class of applications: those that deal with the manipulation of simple resources on constrained networks. As part of the framework for building these applications, the working group has defined a Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) for the manipulation of Resources on a Device.

Our Internet-Draft describes a protocol for sending DNS messages over CoAP. These CoAP messages are protected by DTLS-Secured CoAP (CoAPS) or Object Security for Constrained RESTful Environments (OSCORE) to provide encrypted DNS message exchange for constrained devices in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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