Writing Process

The starting point for writing your thesis in our group is to find a topic. We provide a list of topics. We always offer theses in our projects, but you can also propose your topic if it belongs to the fields of Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Web Technologies and Semantic Web. Please contact us for further information.

Process of writing a thesis at the HCC.lab

1. Find a topic

by checking our list of topics or propose one. Arrange an appointment with the advisor. 

2. Write a thesis proposal

After the topic is agreed on, you have to write a thesis proposal. The proposal is your personal project plan that contains the field of research, the theoretical background, the intended working program and your schedule.
We provide LaTeX templates for writing the proposal:
(1) Bachelor thesis proposal 
(2) Master thesis proposal 
Please note: We highly recommend using LaTeX for writing your thesis. Even though you don't have experience with it yet, take this opportunity to learn it. We help you with all your questions.

3. Finalize your proposal

Typically, you need about three iterations (feedback loops) for defining your thesis project. After the final meeting with your advisor, your project is ready to start. Now, it is time to decide about the second supervisor (Zweigutachter). Please talk to your advisor for support. Please find here an example for a BSc. Thesis proposal.

Also, check the forms provided by the examination office. Fill out the form and arrange an appointment with the advisor (or send it via post). The advisor signs the form, and our secretary sends it to the examination office.

4. Present your proposal

After finalizing your proposal or even better before the final round of revision, present your proposal during the HCC research group meeting which takes place each semester. Please talk with your advisor about this opportunity. 

5. Start writing your thesis

During the writing process, the student organizes the meetings with the advisor. We recommend meeting at least every other week.

We again provide LaTeX templates for writing the thesis.

In the template, you will find some more information for your thesis project.

6. Find the second examiner

For submitting your thesis, you need to have two reviewers. The first one is often your advisor  (member of the HCC or Prof. Müller-Birn) and the second examiner is a professor of our institute. You are free to choose, and you can ask your advisor for advice. Please send a request before submitting thesis to the second examiner, and ask for support. Add to this request your thesis proposal. Thus, the examiner can make an informed decision. Do not forget to add all information (advisor, first and second examiner) the title page of your thesis.

7. Submit the final version of your thesis to the examination office

The examination office sends each reviewer a copy. However, inform each reviewer about this process and send a PDF version of your thesis to them.

8. Organize the thesis defense

After about two to four weeks, please contact your reviewers again for organizing the defense appointment. It is crucial that you initialize this process. Please propose at least three days that fit into your schedule to your thesis reviewers.

When the date is agreed, find a room for your presentation (please send an email to the secretary about booking the room 120).

About a week before the presentation, please send an invitation containing the topic, the abstract, the reviewers, and where/when the defense to i-profs[at]inf.fu-berlin.dei-wimis[at]inf.fu-berlin.dei-studi[at]inf.fu-berlin.de.

Check all technical equipment (e.g. beamer) needed before your talk.

9. Theses defense

This is the last step in this long process. Provide slides to present your work. It should include the motivation/context, addressed problem, procedure and employed methods, and significant results. Do not forget the demo :)

Please contact us in case you have questions or problems.