Generic Visual Transitions between Data-Driven Visualisations


  • Good Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Proficiency in German & English
Academic Advisor
interaction design, user-centered design, front-end
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Data visualisations have become common ways with which to access, explore and make sense of large amounts of data. However, due to the complexity inherent in many datasets and the relations between individual data, one single visualisation is commonly not enough to allow end users to gain actionable insights. Therefore, many web services such as VIVO or Semantic Scholar supply various types of visualisations. Yet commonly, these are completely separated from each other: if an end user chooses to switch between visualisations, the current often simply disappears, the page is reloaded, and the new visualisation is shown. This is a harsh interruption of a user's flow of interaction, and possibly results in users losing track of their goals.

In this BSc., visual transitions between JavaScript-based visualisations will be conceived, implemented and tested to approach this problem. The application and visualisation already exists (d3/react). A possible procedure could be:

(1) overview of visualisations that have transitions

(2) listing of benefits

(3) implementation of transitions

(4) comparative user-testing of application with and without transitions