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Conducting self-guided workshops during the pandemic

Workshops constitute a central methodic approach of the HCC Research Group's work, which required us to explore options for online workshops since the start of the pandemic. One of the formats that we have explored in several iterations is that of »self-guided workshops«. The basis for this format are online whiteboards (we used an »InVision Freehand« online whiteboard for team collaboration), on which instructions, explanations and tasks are prepared in such a way that each small group of three to four participants is led step by step through the workshop in designated time slots. All groups contribute to one shared online whiteboard, while discussions between the members of one small group take place in breakout rooms (i.e. sub-divisions of the video conferencing software). The workshop leaders rotate through the breakout rooms to answer questions and offer assistance. At the same time, the workshop leaders have an overview of the groups' current progress, since all groups contribute to the shared online whiteboard and document their discussions in real time. This allows the workshop leaders to directly address groups in cases where they identify challenges or when a group is lagging behind and should proceed to the next sub-task on the board.