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Conceptualizing the Filtering Workshop

For the final day, December 2nd, we conceived and organized a hands-on workshop session that was led by Katrin Glinka of the HCC Data Lab. In order to engage the participants and speakers of the event in a creative activity of material practice, we conceptualized a workshop that was inspired by previous research by Andersen and Wakkary [1], who developed the »Magic Machine« workshop format in order to allow the participants to generate strong individual commitments and expose underlying personal desires as drivers for ideas [1]. Our workshop was grounded in our observation that scholarly exchange - for example in discourse-oriented events that center on the presentation of research papers - tends to overlook the potential of personal and individual reflection and material engagement with a topic. In contrast, our workshop invites the participants to develop personal visions of a potential novel artifact (e.g., technology), which gives them the opportunity to arrive at a more complex understanding of diverging visions for responsible filters (see [1]).