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»Coding IxD: Reflecting Datafied Life Environments«

Technologies for data processing, like fitness trackers, are designed to unify our data. So we need to question: How can we examine the experiential differences of individuals and groups, and how can these unique life experiences be acknowledged? Based on data that people provide daily, our students explored the possibilities of data physicalizations in the »Coding IxD« software project.
Coding IxD is an annual teaching course that we, the HCC Research Group, organize in cooperation with the Product Design Department of the School of Art and Design Berlin-Weißensee. In this year’s project, interdisciplinary student teams tackled socially relevant challenges by designing innovative and functional physical objects to enhance individual well-being. The teams investigated new forms of interaction between people, material, and code, intending to enable individuals to critically reflect on their digital behavior and make it tangible. LNDW visitors joyfully engaged in the student projects and reflected on their thoughts in mindful discussions. More about the project can be found here.