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HCC Data Lab

The HCC Data Lab is an initiative by the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) Research Group. Within the HCC Data Lab, we promote interdisciplinary knowledge management, transfer, and application. The activities and formats realized in the HCC Data Lab complement and support our ongoing and future research and teaching activities at the HCC Research Group.


 We conceive the HCC Data Lab as a space for exchange that transcends individual and temporary research projects. Informed by ongoing research and teaching practice, the HCC Data Lab consolidates and reflects on the used research methods and possibly underlying assumptions.

The HCC Data Lab also acts as an incubator that aims to support epistemological insights and reflections at all stages of a research project: from the initial gathering of ideas and research interests, during the execution of the project, and as part of the documentation and publishing of results.

Thus, the HCC Data Lab is also responsible for the internal and external communication of activities and research topics at the HCC Research Group. With this, we foster dialogues and critical discourses about data, algorithms, and interactive systems in exchange with other researchers, practitioners, students, and the public.

The HCC Data Lab is currently under development. In the future, we will inform about activities, formats, and events on this website and publish additional material and resources.

For further information, please contact Katrin Glinka

The HCC Data Lab is established complementary to the research projects and teaching activities of the HCC Research Group. All formats emphasize a research-supporting and research-accompanying function that is especially methodological-reflective.

The activities of the HCC Data Lab cover these core formats: