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Dr. Daniel Franzen


Human-Centered Computing

Institute of Computer Science

Post-doctoral Researcher

FreeMove (project)

Dr. Daniel Franzen is a post-doctoral researcher in Computer Science.

In his research he focuses on the boundary between the expected functionality of technology and privacy issues. He investigates which parameters contribute to the perception of a technology behaviour as intrusion or as valuable contribution.

In current research - within the Project FreeMove - this boundary manifests in the privacy-preserving donation of mobility data. Here Daniel is interested in the factors, which differentiate between unwanted tracking of participants versus the truly informed sharing decision for the improvement of infrastructure and public interest.

In 2016 Daniel was awarded a PhD for his work on "Quantitative bounds on the security-critical resource consumption of JavaScript apps" by the University of Edinburgh. Prior to that he graduated as Master of Science with distinction in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh (2012) and as a Master of Science in Media Informatics (2012) building upon a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2010) both from the RWTH-Aachen. In addition, for his work on Regret Minimization in Game Theory the RWTH-Aachen also awarded him a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (2011).