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M.Sc. Justus Purat

Profilbild Justus Purat

AG Dependable Systems

Institut für Informatik

Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik


Takustr. 9
Room 163
14195 Berlin
+49 30 838 461154

Office hours

If you would like to speak to me, please send me an email and we will arrange an individual appointment.

I have been interested in creating computer programs, websites and hardware systems since the middle school. When I graduated 2016 from high school in Berlin, I already dealt with inertial navigation and quaternions for the localization of robots. In my bachelor's degree in computer science at Freie Universität Berlin, I continued this topic and developed a system for absolute indoor navigation based on RealTimeKinematic (RTK) and UltraWideBand (UWB). In my master's program, I developed a ad hoc network based on IEEE 802.11ah for providing information in various emergency scenario. My master’s thesis deals with the same topic and was submitted in October 2022.

Since January 2023, I have been employed as a research assistant at Freie Universität Berlin in the working group Dependable Distributed Systems under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Katinka Wolter and deal with various topics of reliability, sustainability, automation and optimization.


Current topics:

  • Fault injection in IoT
  • Car-to-Car communication using blockchain technology
  • Civil protection networks using the 802.11ah standard

  • J. Purat, N. J. Lehmann, M. -U. Karagülle, and A. Voisard, "HaLowNet - A WiFi HaLow network-based information system for the provision of multi-sided applications for medical emergency scenarios", 2022 IEEE 10th International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI), 2022, pp. 519-521, DOI: 10.1109/ICHI54592.2022.00095.