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mCIS.vet - mobile Clinical Information System for Veterinary Medicine

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mCIS.vet Logo

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Project goals

In cooperation with the Klinik für kleine Haustiere Freie Universität Berlin, the Databases and Information Systems Group is developing the first mobile clinical information system in veterinary medicine, mCIS.vet, which holistically supports veterinarians and other hospital staff in their work, depending on location and user.

Project description

In contrast to the widely used clinical information systems in veterinary medicine VETERA.net and easyVET, mCIS.vet is a...

  1. a distributed, terminal independent system
  2. highly modular (independent EHR, PACS and analytical cores as well as functional components)
  3. freely configurable, both in the scope of functions and in the user interface

The interface of mCIS.vet should be adaptable to the needs of the respective veterinarian, for example by a task-specific interface layout adapted to the work process of the veterinarian. mCIS.vet gives users fully integrated access to all system components. Thus it is possible to use medical data material independently of its form (text, tables, picture, video) combined. mCIS.vet is furthermore modularly expandable by adding EHR-, PACS- or analytical function packages.


  • Prof. Dr. Peter Böttcher, Small Animal Clinic of the Freie Universtität Berlin
  • GP.Software GmbH

Current and completed theses

  • Masterarbeit of Mirco Semper
    Design and Implementation of mCIS.vet
  • Bachelorarbeit of Forat Zoabi
  • Bachelorarbeit of Quynh-Nhu Nguygen
  • Bachelorarbeit of Gleb Shcheletskiy
    VetMap: A Toolkit for Visualization and Analysis of Spatio-temporal Epidemiological Data

We're still looking for

  • students who want to write a final thesis (bachelor and master thesis) in the field of interface design and development (user-centered design)
  • students who want to write a final thesis (bachelor and master thesis) in the field of medical data analysis (data mining, machine learning)
  • students who want to write a final thesis (bachelor and master thesis) in the field of development of system components for MCIS.vet
  • students who want to write a final thesis (Bachelor thesis) about the integration/migration of other projects in mCIS.vet


E-mail to nicolas.lehmann[at]fu-berlin.de


  • mCIS.vet, mobile, clinical, information, system, veterinary,medicine