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Principal Investigator:

We're an early-stage startup with a soon to be live product and an experienced and fun team. Our product, SpacialDB, is a backend (think database) for Web and Mobile apps with a strong emphasis on Geospatial functionality. We provide developers with an easy to use API to quickly import, query and update their data without needing to worry about the backend management, maintenance and scaling.

The service makes it really easy for developers to build advanced Geospatial applications directly via their iPhone, Android or WP7 SDKs. SpacialDB also integrates with existing cloud hosting services such as Heroku, Engine Yard, Joyent and Rackspace for Web apps.

We're feverishly working on building a game changing service for mobile and web applications. One that will take Location based services and mobile app development experience into the 21st century. By working with us you get to own the projects you work on, and have direct input into the decisions that change the business and the way people build mobile and web apps.

Learn more about SpacialDB and its API at our DevCenter: