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No website / local software in the Small Animal Clinic at the Freie Universität Berlin

Project goals

The working group Databases and Information Systems develops a system for calculating the shape of prostheses for veterinary operations.

Project description

A 3D model of a patient-specific prosthesis is calculated from two x-ray images, which are then printed with a 3D printer. This allows more accurate and cost-effective prostheses to be produced for veterinary operations. The system uses pattern recognition procedures, in contrast to the "Statistical Shaped Models" (SSM) procedure previously established in veterinary medicine.


  • Prof. Dr. Peter Böttcher, Small Animal Clinic of the Freie Universität Berlin

Current and completed theses

  • Master Thesis of Jana Cavojska
    Determining the 3D Structure of Bones Using Neural Networks on X-Ray Images


E-Mail an nicolas.lehmann[at]fu-berlin.de


  • XRay2Model, prothese, 3d-print, veterinary, medicine, pattern, recognition