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Project goals

The Databases and Information Systems Group, in cooperation with the Klinik für kleine Haustiere Freie Universtität Berlin, is developing a software for recording and evaluating the performance of surgeons in veterinary medicine, called SurgeRate.

Project description

The SurgeRate system consists of a web service and a mobile application. The mobile application is intended to enable surgeons in veterinary medicine to record their personal performance. As there is currently no clear idea of how to describe the performance of a veterinarian, an evaluation method or a score must first be developed. In addition, a suitable visualization for the evaluation method must be developed, so that a surgeon in veterinary medicine can visually record his own performance in a differentiated but user-friendly way. Surgeons in veterinary medicine can evaluate their own performance in the web service. In addition, the web service offers researching veterinarians the possibility of querying and providing the stored data in pseudonymized form.


  • Prof. Dr. Peter Böttcher, Small Animal Clinic of the Freie Universität Berlin

Current and completed theses

  • Bachelor Thesis of Stefan Schmid:
    SurgeRate - A System for Rating and Evaluating the Performance of Veterinary Surgeons

We're still looking for

  • students who want to write a thesis (Bachelor thesis) in the field of component development of SurgeRate


E-mail to nicolas.lehmann[at]fu-berlin.de


  • surgerate, surgeons, veterinary, performance