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CliniScale - Clinical Trials in the Population

Principal Investigator:
Research Team:

Design and Implementation

  • Florian Braun (BSc Thesis)
  • Kai Oelfke (BSc Thesis)
  • Janosch Stephan (BSc Thesis)

Secure data exchange

  • Oliver Junk (MSc Thesis)
  • Lucas Antelo (BSc Thesis)
Contact Person:
Nicolas Lehmann
CliniScale Logo


CliniScale is an innovative way to run clinical trials in the population. A combination of web servies and mobile applications is used to collect and evaluate test data from probands at home, outside a clinical environment. CliniScale enables clinical test centers to run scalable, user-friendly clinical trials inthe population.


  • Make clinical trials feasible in the population
  • User-friendly test procedures for clinical test centers and probands
  • Digital creation of custom clinical trials
  • Automation of the selection process of suitable probands depending on the study
  • High scalability through usage of mobile applications outside the test environment of clinical test centers
  • Secure exchange of medical data between all technical devices
  • Visual evaluation of the gathered measurement data

Technical approach:

The main concept of CliniScale is to run clinical trials using mobile devices in the population.

What? All relevant steps for carrying out and evaluating clinical trials are realized technically:

  • Custom creation of clinical studies based on a web service
  • Automation of subject selection procedures
  • Distribution of clinical studies to mobile devices of the probands
  • Designing easy-to-use, mobile applications to collect measurement data with external medical sensors and performing clinical trials outside the environment of clinical test centers
  • Secure exchange of medical data between mobile applications and web services
  • Evaluation and visual presentation of the results in a web service

Who? Involved persons:

  • Medical staff of the clinical test centers
  • Probands

How? Technical implementation:

  • Webservice Study Configurator: Creation, distribution and evaluation of clinical studies
  • Mobile Android application for conducting clinical trials
  • Mobile iOS application for conducting clinical trials
  • Usage of external, medical sensors in conjunction with mobile devices to collect measurement data


  • CliniScale, Clinical, Trial, Population