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BoCAVis - Blood Count Analysis and Visualization

BoCAVis Logo

BoCAVis Logo

Fixed weekly project meeting



Project goals

The working group Databases and Information Systems develops a platform for the exchange, standardisation, analysis and visualisation of blood counts.

Project description

The correlation of blood values is investigated and used for a trend analysis. The results are visualized for medical specialists and patients.


  • Prof. Dr. med. Herbert Schuster, Humboldt Universität Berlin / privatärztliche Praxis

Current and finished theses

  • Bachelor Thesis of Kevin Pandura
    Visualization of Blood Values
  • Bachelor Thesis of Aryo Jamousi
  • Bachelor Thesis of Noah Witte-Winnet
  • Bachelor Thesis of Maynard Koch
  • Master Thesis of Yussuf Kassem


Mail to nicolas.lehmann[at]fu-berlin.de


  • BoCAVis, blood, count, analysis, visualization