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Design of a Mobile Application for the Evaluation of Dermatological Parameters


On the skin care market there exist approx. 100,000 differently standardized skin care products for various applications. The typical consumer is overwhelmed by product diversity and receives no or insufficient advice in retail. 4 of 5 consumers buy unsuitable products due to this fact and lack of knowledge. Long-term use of unsuitable products is damaging the skin of many customers.

Big cosmetic companies, such as Loreal, are still unable to offer personalized skin care products since they do not have direct contact with the customer. The goal of this thesis is the design, development and evaluation of a mobile application, which is based on a predefined, measurable number of skin parameters, to give a personalized product recommendation to the user.

The thesis is actively supported by Max Noah in cooperation with the Charité Berlin and supported with a setting of usability testers. After successful completion of the thesis, there is also the possibility of longer-term employment.
Knowledge of User-centered Design and experience with the programming of mobile applications (Android / iOS) are desirable but not required.

Academic Advisor
Nicolas Lehmann, Agnès Voisard, Max Noah (CEO SkinCare Revolution)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)