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Jim Saringer:

CaSe - A Categorical Scheduler


In the field of crisis management, a swift coordination of staff with special abilities as well as the determination of the required quantity and current availability of the respective professionals is necessary to solve arising problems. In particular, schedule coordination between different authorities that do not share a calendaring system is cumbersome and can be quite time consuming, depending on the number of participants. Within the scope of this Bachelor thesis an application is developed to support the personnel planning of a safety authority.

When an appointment is created, the system determines in advance how many people from previously defined categories are required in order to ensure that the appropriate number of qualified personnel appear at the event. Participants can be easily assigned to an event from an existing contact list. If individual invitees cannot attend the event, they can be easily replaced by other persons of the respective categories.

The contacts can be imported from common contact applications, such as Google Contacts or Microsoft Outlook, and each contact be assigned to freely definable categories.

In the context of this thesis a main focus is the development of userfriendly interfaces. The herefore applied method is User-Centered Design which allows a user-based analyze of software requirements. Based on the results a low-fidelity prototype is developed, in the following refined into a high-fidelity prototype and subsequently implemented.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)