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Publications 2014

[1] Shashishekar Ramakrishna and Adrian Paschke. Bridging the gap between Legal Practitioners and Knowledge Engineers using semi-formal KR. In The 8th International Workshop on Value Modeling and Business Ontology, VMBO, Berlin, 2014. [ bib | .pdf ]
[2] Adrian Paschke Kia Teymourian. Plan-Based Semantic Enrichment of Event Streams. In 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2014), Crete, Greece, 2014. [ bib ]
[3] Adrian Paschke. The RuleML Perspective on Reaction Rule Standards. slideshare, 2014. Invited Presentation about Reaction RuleML at the Ontology, Rules, and Logic Programming for Reasoning and Applications (RulesReasoningLP) Session at the Ontolog Forum, 9 January 2014. [ bib | arXiv | http ]
[4] Adrian Paschke. Rules, Events and Actions in Semantic Complex Event Processing. slideshare, 2014. Keynote at the 8th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML 2014), Prague, Czech Republic, August 18-20, 2014. [ bib | arXiv | http ]
[5] Lars Wissler, Mohammed Almashraee, Dagmar Monett, Adrian Paschke: The Gold Standard in Corpus Annotation, 5th IEEE German Conference, June 26-27, 2014, Passau, Germany
[6] Shashishekar Ramakrishna, Adrian Paschke: A Process for Knowledge Transformation and Knowledge Representation of Patent Law 8th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML 2014), Prague, Czech Republic, August, 18-20, 2014
[7] Ralph Schaefermeier, Adrian Paschke: Aspect-oriented Ontologies: Dynamic Modularization Using Ontological Metamodeling, 8th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Inforamtion Systems (FOIS 2014), Rio de Janeiro, September 22-26, 2014
[10] Wojciech Lukasiewicz, Kia Teymourian, Adrian Paschke: A Rule-Based System for Monitoring of Microblogging Disease Reports, 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference Demo (ESWC 2014), 25-29 May 2014, Crete, Greece