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Co-supervised: Precomputional Improvement of Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman

Supervised: Design von Abhörkodes mit Deep Learning

Co-supervised: Optimization of the size of a quantum register for Shor’s algorithm

Co-supervised: Evaluating Privacy of Synthetic Data Through Metrics

Co-supervised: Evaluating and Adapting Existing Neural Network Watermarking Approaches to Online Learning Scenarios

Co-supervised: Attacking Differentially Private CNNs Trained with PATE

Supervised: Abhörkodes für Semantische Sicherheit

Co-supervised: Practical Evaluation of Neural Network Watermarking Approaches

Co-supervised: Influence of Training Parameters and Architectural Choices on the Vulnerability of Neural Networks to Membership Inference Attacks

Co-supervised: Signal Strength Prediction and Visualization in 5G networks

Co-supervised: Gitterbasierte Kryptoanalyse: Die Coppersmith Methode

Co-supervised: Realization Of An eIDAS Validation Service