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Winter Semester

Lecture Series (19324501) + Exercise/Tutorial (19324502)

  • Foundations of Information-Theoretic Security (Grundlagen der informationstheoretischen Sicherheit), 10 LP

Schedule:  WS, 4+2 SWS

Instructors: Gerhard Wunder, Richard Schöffauer, Benedikt Groß

Description: In this lecture, the basics of information-theoretic security (also called "Physical Layer Security", PLS) are taught, i.e. implementation of security algorithms already on the physical layer of (wireless) communication systems exploiting physical properties such as noise, fading etc. for symmetric key generation and wiretap channel coding. PLS is a new paradigm and addresses key aspects such as scalability, latency, and usability of upcoming services in IoT, Tactile Internet, Industry 4.0. Another often-mentioned aspect is also security for the post-quantum age

Keywords: Overview Krypto schemes, security metrics, Shannon cypher system, perfectly secure  systems, fundamental limits of cypher systems, wiretap channel, secrecy capacity, strong/weak secrecy, coding methods, secret key agreement, source models, secret key rate, common randomness, reciprocal wireless channel, correlation properties, attacker models (passive/active), man in the middle protection, jamming, authentication through context protection, codes through learning

Exercise Materials

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Übungsblatt 2 (Corona-related)

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Übungsblatt 4

Übungsblatt 5 (Corona-related)