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*NEW* (30-09-2021)

Germany is laying the foundations of 6G with the new research innovation cluster “6G-RIC” funded with 70M Euro and 32 partners. Within this cluster the FU C-AI group seeks TWO PhD candidate positions in the fields i) 6G physical layer security, specifically post-quantum codes and signatures as well as radiometric fingerprinting ii) 6G network AI-based anomaly detection and feature extraction in high-dimensional data space. Within this research, different disciplines such as information theory, post-quantum cryptography, advanced signal processing will be explored, AI tools play a pivotal rule in both fields. The PhD candidates contribute to the theoretical foundations, design, and experimental validation of 6G cybersecurity and privacy-by-design architecture and mechanisms thereby closely collaborating with the partners in the cluster. Candidates are expected to co-author articles published in high-quality academic venues such as IEEE/ACM conferences and journals.


Applicants must possess a master degree in computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering or similar



Profound theoretical knowledge in any of the above fields (AI, deep learning , information theory, post-quantum cryptography, signal processing) and good coding skills in either C, Python, TensorFlow (or PyTorch). Solid practice of source code and understanding of project management tools (Git, GitHub, Travis-CI etc.) is a plus. Ability and willingness to closely work and cooperate with the members of group and the 6G-RIC consortium.