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Office Hours Knut Reinert

for students (Sprechstunde)

Wednesdays 11-12h | appointment required

Note that appointments can be booked six days in advance at the earliest.

Please sign up for appointments as follows: Go to https://kvv.imp.fu-berlin.de/x/OObAdz.
(If you get a failure notice "shibsp::ConfigurationException", simply try the link again.)
  -  "Log in" to view Office Hours Knut Reinert
  -  tick "Expand all recurring meetings" to show all available dates
  -  click "Office Hours Knut Reinert" on your preferred date, if more than one date is offered
  -  click "sign up" at your preferred time(s)
  -  meet in Prof. Reinert's webex room (-> "Location" -> copy the webex-link to your browser and follow instructions)

You need a valid FU-account to sign up. Non-institute members please contact Anja Kasseckert for scheduling.

For emergency appointments on different days/times please contact Prof. Knut Reinert.