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On our German website, we irregularly publish news that we receive from the DRS. As far as possible, there is an English version or short description in English available.

What is the DRS

The Dahlem Research School (DRS) is the strategic center for junior researchers within the framework of the institutional development strategy of Freie Universität Berlin.

The DRS develops new strategies and implements measures to assure and improve the quality of graduate education. Its goal is to support academic and non-academic careers alike. To this end, the DRS offers information and advice as well as a comprehensive workshop program for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Special consideration is given to the needs of international candidates.

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DRS courses (Link)

Doctoral researchers and postdocs affiliated with the Berlin University Alliance may participate in the course program of the Dahlem Research School (DRS) and benefit from a wide range of services and resources.

The services are subdivided into the following program areas:

  • Research Integrity & Skills
  • Writing & Publishing
  • Presenting & Defending
  • Funding & Managing Research
  • Career Orientation & Development

Booking via Course Booking website.


Members of the Mathematics department:

DRS courses are open to all members of the Mathematics department, but course fees have to be covered individually.

In some cases, funding might be available through the department. Please talk to Kerstin Ernst (kerstin.ernst@fu-berlin.de) for details.

Members of CRC1114:

You are entitled to two courses per year. If you have used up your budget, you would get the message "You're not allowed to book this course due to personal limit" from the booking system. Please write an e-mail to nina.fabjancic@fu-berlin.de beforehand, as in most cases it will be possible to extend the budget upon your request.

Members of BMS:

Apart from courses in the extensive BMS curriculum, it is also possible to attend classes with the DRS. Please contact office@math-berlin.de beforehand and then register online trough the booking platform.

Course Cancellations:

If you are unable to attend a course you have booked, you have to request withdrawal at the latest 21 days prior to the course, by sending an e-mail to the DRS (skills-drs@fu-berlin.de). If you do it too late, you will be charged for your course (if it is a course for which a fee is charged), so please try to avoid this. Short-notice cancellations due toillness are only acceptable on production of a valid medical certificate which you must send to the DRS within one week after the course by e-mail (skills-drs@fu-berlin.de) or mail (Hittorfstr. 16, 14195 Berlin).



Last updated: October 2019

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