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Current Information - Archive - SS2020

Current Information for the Summer Semester 2020

All courses in the summer semester 2020 will be taught online - there wil be no teaching happening inside university buildings. Please see also the FAQ page of Freie Universität regarding this topic.
The registration period for all courses starts 8th of April (and ends 7th of May). Please register using the Campus Management System. Some of the courses require an additional registration in the department's Whiteboard System. (Please find a guide for the Whiteboard system here: Guide to register in the Whiteboard System.)

Please find the list of the offered courses at the university course catalog.
Important: Some courses from the elective area are not yet listed in this course catalog. Please see the profile area specific lists below for the courses that you can also choose from (the official course catalog will reflect that soon).

Mandatory Courses for the Profile Areas in Summer Semester 2020

  • Data Science in Life Sciences: Module "Data Science in the Life Sciences"
  • Data Science in Social Sciences: none
  • Data Science Technologies: none

Elective Courses for the Profile Areas in Summer Semester 2020

  • Data Science in Social Sciences
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Neurocognitive Methods and Programming for Data Science
    • Cognitive Neuroscience for Data Science A
    • Cognitive Neuroscience for Data Science B
  • Data Science Technologies
    • Datenbanksysteme Data Science
    • Mobilkommunikation
    • Rechnersicherheit