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Master Program

The Bioinformatics Master of Science is a two-year graduate program preparing students for research and development in Bioinformatics by taking them to an advanced level in bioinformatics theory and applications.

The program is a direct response to a paradigm shift taking place in medicine and biological sciences. Further research in these areas rests on the evaluation of masses of biological data: here, the use of computers, combined with accurate mathematical models and efficient algorithms is essential. Employing adequate training in the various sub-disciplines, this program provides the required knowledge for students to be able to judge mathematical methods and models, to recognize relevant biological questions, and to correctly interpret the results of the models in a biological context.

The M.Sc. degree program fully complies with the ECTS system. There are no intermediate examinations, only final exams in each module. The standard period of study is four semesters. For the degree, a total of 120 credit points has to be earned. This includes a research internship and a degree thesis to be completed within six months.

Upon successful completion, a Master of Science in Bioinformatics degree is awarded. The degree is equivalent to the German Diplom and entitles to start a Ph.D. immediately. Job prospects are excellent. With the growing demand for bioinformaticians and their unique skills set, graduates can chose from a variety of career pathways in academia and industry.

The graduate program has been designed as a consecutive for graduates of the bachelor's program. Admission to the program is restricted to applicants holding a bachelor degree in bioinformatics or an equivalent university degree in a relevant field of study (i.e. life sciences, informatics, mathematics, physics). Depending on students’ academic background, additional courses may be required.

For the Master’s Program, proof of English language skills (level B1 CEFR or equivalent) is required.

Information for international appicants to the Master's Degree Program in Bioinformatics

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