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Bachelor Program

The Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics is a three-year study program combining informatics, mathematics, biology, biochemistry and physiology with a specialization in computational applications for biological data analysis and process modeling.

The core curriculum offers a basic scientific training in the aforementioned fields as well as an introduction to bioinformatics theory, methods and tools. Students will learn to assess scientific problems independently and in a team.

The B.Sc. degree program fully complies with the ECTS system. There are no intermediate examinations, only final exams in each module. The standard period of study is six semesters equaling an overall study commitment of 120 weekly credit hours (SWS). For the degree, a total of 180 credit points has to be earned. This includes the industrial internship and a degree thesis to be completed within 8 weeks.

Upon completion, a Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics degree is awarded. Graduates have the choice to pursue further graduate studies in Bioinformatics or a related field or a professional career in the pharmaceutical, medical or biotechnology sector.

Admission to the program is restricted. General university entrance requirements apply. Alternative qualifications may be recognized depending on individual review.

The program starts in mid-October (winter semester). Language of instruction is German.

Note that proficiency in German is a prerequisite for the B.Sc. degree program.

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