Wireless Howto Mac OS 10.3 Panther

A quick guide to set a WLAN connection for MILan. The setting for FUnkLAN works the same way.

Create a new network environment

  • The Automatic network environment normally is set to DHCP. So you don't have to create a new network environment.

  • To check the settings of Automatic or to create a new network environment please press Network Prefenrences....

  • Create a new network environment and call it for example "MILan".

  • Check the settings and select DHCP mode. If you have to change the settings don't forget to
apply it.

Select WLAN Connection

  • Click on the Airport symbol in the status bar and select MILan in the menu.

How to verify the WLAN connection

  • Open a terminal session. Enter ifconfig. Check the output for the IP address of en1 and ppp0. The adapters should have IP addresses from the following ranges en1 172.45.xxx.xxx and ppp0 160.45.11x.xxx.



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