Software Engineering research group staff

Lutz Prechelt Lutz Prechelt
member since 2003-08

prechelt [at]
+49 30 838 75115, room 014
Head of research group
Empirical Software Engineering
Gesine Milde Gesine Milde
member since 2003-10

gesine.milde [at]
+49 30 838 75243, room 013
Research Associates
linus_ververs.jpg Linus Ververs
research associate
member from 2022-04 to 2026-03
linus.ververs [at]
+49 30 838 56715, room 007
Patrick Chmielewski Patrick T. Chmielewski
external research associate since 2016-10
patrick.chmielewski [at]
Barry Linnert Barry Linnert
research associate
member since 2015-06
barry.linnert [at]
+49 30 838 50953, room 008
Resource Mgmt. in Cluster and Grid Env.,
Operating Systems
Sebastian Lohmeier Sebastian Lohmeier
external research associate since 2016-11
Mourad Sidky Mourad Mourad Sidky Mourad
external research associate since 2021-01
Mourad.Sidky.Mourad [at]
Bill Smith Bill Smith
external research associate since 2018-02
wsmith [at]
Support Engeneering
Franz Zieris Franz Zieris
research associate from 2012-05 to 2020-09
adjunct member since 2020-10
zieris [at]
Pair Programming

Former members (except students)

In order of leaving, most recent first. For (most of) the students, see ThesesHome.

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