Writing and Presentation Skills
Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS)
Winter Term 2008-9
Individual schedule; see Schedule page for details.

Individual Schedule

We will continue the course on an individual basis, so that you will have more of an opportunity to raise concerns that are directly relevant to your project and your work.

Appointments can be made individually or in groups of up to three. Singles will be allotted one hour, each additional person adds half an hour to that so as not to make these meetings unbearably long. Meetings will be followed up on at least once in whatever form appropriate, either in person or a digital representation thereof. There will be two scheduled meetings per person, one every three weeks.

Please send an e-mail to make an appointment. Slots will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis. Please indicate the language you would like the meeting to take place in [de/en].

In preparation, please have a good idea which part of your project or your work in general you want to discuss and specifically what goals you would like to reach by mid-February. Ideally, your supervisor(s) should be aware of those goals and have discussed them with you.


Wed 7 Jan
10:00 - Mareike
11:00 - Arie

Mon 12 Jan
13:00 - Katrin

Wed 14 Jan
10:00 - Pragya
11:00 - Linus, Nils

Wed 28 Jan
10:00 - Feray
11:00 - Arie
12:00 - Jan, Torsten

Wed 4 Feb
10:00 - Linus, Nils
11:30 - Mareike
12:30 - Johara, Sarah, Frauke

Wed 11 Feb
10:00 - Pragya
12:00 - Jan, Torsten

Thu 12 Feb
11:00 - Johara, Sarah, Frauke

Tue 17 Feb
11:00 - Feray
12:00 - Katrin

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