Scientific Writing Shanghai, 24-28 May 2010

This is a week-long workshop in Scientific Writing for PhD students at PICB Shanghai. If you are attending this course, please be sure to join the course mailing list. (Please use your PICB e-mail address and give your first and last name.)

Pre-course Preparation

You are required to read one of the following four books. (You should have got your copy from Jun Yan by now.)

Please start reading immediately, if you haven't already done so. By Monday, it would be very helpful if you were at least halfway through the book. Three more specific tasks for you are as follows:

  1. On every page of the main text, mark one word that you don't know and look it up in a dictionary. (Yes, that includes the meaning and the pronunciation. ;>)
  2. On every five pages, mark one phrase or construction that you think might be helpful and that you would like to use yourself. Come up with one additional example of your own of how to use this phrase or construction.
  3. On every five pages, mark one phrase or construction that you would like to have explained to you, either because you don't understand the underlying grammatical principle or perhaps because you don't quite understand the idea expressed in the phrase or construction.

Since I suspect that we will have to talk about pronunciation quite a bit, you should have a first (or indeed second) look at the phonetic symbols that are used in most English dictionaries. Please make a note of any sounds and/or symbols that you think you might need some help with.




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