English for Scientists
Winter Term 2009-10
Fridays, 2−4 pm; room 055, Computer Science building, Takustr. 9.
Office Hours: Mon 10-12 on Campfire or by appointment

Science Documentary Project

One of the requirements you will have to meet in order to be awarded credit for this course is that over a period of six weeks starting at X you and a partner watch an science documentary of your choice and give a short presentation on it. You will find a couple of suggestions below, but please feel free to come up with something of your own and have me put it up here.

Please make sure your names appear in this table by 19 November.

Who's watching what?

Author: Title Names of StudentsSorted ascending
C4 Inside Nature's Giants  
BBC The Human Body  
BBC The Cell  
BBC Atom  
BBC Galápagos  
BBC Space  
The Root of All Evil? Andre & Max
BBC Last Chance to See Bettina &
C4 Anatomy for Beginners Evelyn &
BBC Life in the Undergrowth Frank & Alexis
The Genius of Charles Darwin Gökcen, Darius & Lisa
Cosmos Jörg,Konrad & Marlene
The Ascent of Man Nikolai & Patrick
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