English for Scientists
Winter Term 2009-10
Fridays, 2−4 pm; room 055, Computer Science building, Takustr. 9.
Office Hours: Mon 10-12 on Campfire or by appointment


This is where you will find any materials other than books that we will be using during the course. If anything is missing or a link doesn't work, please let me know.


  • Sagan, Carl: "Can We Know the Universe?" (PDF)
  • Feynman, Richard: "The Uncertainty of Science" (PDF)
  • Plait, Phil: "Science IS Imagination" (Bad Astronomy · PDF)
  • Lockhart, Paul: "A Mathematician's Lament" (PDF)
  • Popper, Karl: "Science: Conjectures and Refutations" (PDF)
  • Diamond, Jared: "Kinship With the Stars" (PDF)
  • Myers, PZ: "Happy Wary Vigilance Day!" (PDF)
  • Time: "God vs. Science" (PDF)
  • Shermer, Michael: "How Thinking Goes Wrong" (PDF)
  • Jones/Myers: "Is Evolution Dead?" (PDF)
  • Singer, Peter: "What Should a Billionaire Give—and What Should You?" (NYT · PDF)


  • Sagan: "Cosmos", excerpt from episode one (AVI, 137 MByte)
  • Feynman: "Take the world from another point of view" (YouTube)
  • Feynman: "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out" (YouTube · AVI, 591 MByte)
  • Dara O'Briain on assorted horseshit peddlers (YouTube)
  • A Bit of Fry & Laurie: The Psychic (AVI, 25 MByte)
  • Why is science important? (YouTube)
  • Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? (TED)
  • "The Selfish Green" (YouTube · AVI, 700 MByte)
  • PZ Myers at AAI 2009 on science education (AVI)
    PZ's whole "Design vs. Chance" talk on RD.net
  • BBC Horizon: "A War on Science" (AVI, 468 MByte)
  • Justice with Michael Sandel (Trailer · Ep. 1: The Moral Side of Murder)

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